Congratulations… We are halfway through the year!

Most people say that the year flew by, is it the same for you? The journey is halfway, and it is usually said that the second half of a trip seems faster than the first half. We have however, the privilege of taking stock and allowing the second half of...

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Freedom to Learn

When we hear that we have the freedom to learn, we think of so many possibilities why this might not be the case. Given our country’s history, we have come quite far when it comes to education. Another obstacle, however, has crossed our path – the...

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Conflict resolution & COVID

There will always be a need for conflict management in the workplace. Where there are people, there will be conflict. Even if it’s the subtle comments with the intense bubbling-under of emotions. Or the in your face kind of conflict that is undeniably...

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Why we should invest in entrepreneurs.

Our current economic climate has taken a huge dip with the Covid-19 pandemic. Although we have taken a turn for the better, learning to adapt – we are not out of the woods yet. Apart from the uncertainty that the pandemic brought, we have also experienced...

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Remote Learning Trends & Tips

With social distancing and remote working being the new norm. How can you ensure your company cultivates a culture of life-long learning? We have noticed 3 definite trends amongst our clients. 1. Virtual Learning 2. Video Learning, and 3. eLearning We...

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A Personal Journey to Change Fear into Acceptance

I’m not sure if you are anything like me, but I get seriously anxious when I am faced with the unknown. My entire life I’ve had a one-year and a three-year-goal and plan. Covid-19 has royally screwed up all my plans and it has left me paralysed with fear...

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