Remote Learning Trends & Tips

With social distancing and remote working being the new norm. How can you ensure your company cultivates a culture of life-long learning?

We have noticed 3 definite trends amongst our clients.

1. Virtual Learning
2. Video Learning, and
3. eLearning

We would like to share our top 3 tips on each trend to ensure your staff gets the most out of learning remotely.

Let’s start off with Virtual Learning

1. Setting up a routine

Set out a clear timetable for assignment deadlines, video conference lessons and group activities, and make sure this is distributed timeously to all delegates. Advise students that you will be checking in with them and taking attendance at the start and end of each online activity.

2. Online safety

Virtual learning can be fun, but it is essential to remind delegates that certain rules and precautions must be adhered to when they’re participating in virtual learning.

Let’s take a look at a few rules you may wish to implement:

• Employees engaged in virtual learning must dress professionally.
• Ensure there are no offensive pictures or slogans in the background.
• Do not share inappropriate jokes.
• Do not comment on the other person’s appearance.

3. Keeping students motivated and engaged

It’s easy for students to feel disconnected because they’re not physically present with their peers and teachers in the classroom.

Virtual learning shouldn’t be a one-way street of facilitators feeding an endless amount of content to students. Instead, it should be an interactive and dynamic process, just like in the classroom.

Use break-away rooms, have group discussions, bring in cell phone technology and let delegates look for answers on Google.

Another great way to keep students engaged is by injecting an element of competition into the classroom with competitive game-based learning.

Next, let’s look at our top 3 tips for Video Learning

1. Keep it short

Try to keep your videos brief. Few students will sit through videos where the instructor drones on and on. If you have a lot to say (and sometimes we do!), chunk up the message. For example you could make an one hour video programme by chunking content into 2 – 5 minute courses.

2. Position is everything

Position the camera above your eyes, so you look slightly up at it. Avoid looking down at the camera. Nobody wants to look up your nose. If you’re using a laptop, put a stack of books under it so you raise the camera. Position your head to appear at the top third of the screen so the recording includes your face and most of your torso.

3. Look right at the camera lens

Looking anywhere else disconnects you from your learners. Consider taping a piece of paper over your computer screen so you’re not distracted by seeing yourself while you record.

Lastly, we will look at our top 3 tips for creating engaging eLearning

1. Micro-Modules

Very similar to keeping your videos short. Keep your eLearning modules short and to the point. Identify how you can break down large pieces of information into bite-sized segments.

2. Scenario’s

Is your material loaded with data? Create scenarios in the learning that delegates can relate to. Use both real life case studies and terminology your delegates use in their daily lives, the realistic content makes information easier to remember”. Off the shelf eLearning with no customisation run the risk of losing delegates as they cannot relate to the content.

3. Interactivity is key

Most people would pick an interactive learning experience over a lecture any day. To deliver a learning experience, they must feel a part of it. Gamification, like leader boards, activity feeds, mini-competitions, and badges get the learner to think about what they’re learning in a more fun and engaging way.

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