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Instructor Led Training


Establishing an Academy for Client A

Our client contacted us with a complaint that their company had a culture of mistrust, not taking ownership, blame, disrespect and working in silos. Their staff turnover was also incredibly high.

We suggested the entire company from the Managing Director to the cleaner go on the same training program. This ensures that everybody speaks the same language.

The change within the organisation was phenomenal. The Managing Director could not believe the difference the training made to the morale, camaraderie and general well-being of the staff and what is even better is that their clients started noticing it too.

The goal of the training was to create well-rounded, effective and efficient staff who are self-motivated, work independently and are accountable for their actions; not only to themselves, but also to their co-workers, management and the Company as a whole.

The program ran over 4 months, with each staff member attending 3 days a month.

Our solution included:


Establishing an Academy for Client B

A company approached us, their staff were working in silos, and there was a lot of miscommunication, mistrust and conflict between the various departments. There was also a lack of customer service and accountability and innovation. K2M created a Personal Mastery Academy for the client, it consisted of 3 courses a month for a duration of 5 months. The personal growth of the delegates have been phenomenal. The turnaround in staff morale and camaraderie was absolutely incredible.

It is reported that team-work and internal customer relations have improved and so far, for this cohort two “innovation ideas” have been forwarded to the Board for approval. One of the innovation ideas of the previous cohort have already been implemented. In fact, so much so, our client won a Managing Director’s prize, including an overseas trip for the success in implementing this project.

Case Study 1: Working with an Agricultural Retiree

Working with an Agricultural Retiree

FNB approached us to work with one of their retirees, with 22 years plus experience in the bank, to create a 6 month virtual learning course on the credit process for FNB Agricultural clients. We built the entire course around a case study of one of their clients. We taught key concepts of farm finances, completing the credit application, presenting the credit application and other supporting functions needed to broker a good deal for both the client and Agriculture.

Case Study 2: Working with a Short-Term Insurance Retiree

Working with a Short-Term Insurance Retiree

A Short Term Insurance Company approached us to work with one of their retirees, with 30 plus years-experience in the bank to create a few courses around the principles of short-term insurance as well as the ins and outs of their company’s product suite. It was a great project that started off as a face-to-face intervention. However, with the effects of Covid, these courses were turned into eLearning.


RCL Foods

RCL Foods

Knowledge to Motion created an eLearning course on the topic Sexual Harassment for RCL Foods.

Sexual Harassment Course

As this course is jam-packed with legal jargon, we tried to simplify it by shortening the content and making it more relatable by inserting various scenarios that relates to the content. Several, true case studies were used to portray these real life scenarios to make for a better understanding of the content.

The content is aligned to the labour relations act to ensure that learners grasp the legality of the content. The sleek design makes for a treat for the eyes as learners can easily navigate our platform. We aimed to insert a lot of interactivity to give learners a better understanding and not just bombard them with knowledge. Interactivity is key in learning tools within this eLearning sphere.

The course was divided in 4 modules. We also created a character called Samuel, an employee relations practitioner that took the learners through their learning. Samuel offers relatability and introduced the courses in comprehensible way.



CTM approached Knowledge to Motion to digitise an existing customer care manual for the CTM group. We were told our learners are Generation X’s (born between 1966-1976) with limited computer knowledge. They are second language English speakers, which means we had to really simplify the English and explain difficult to understand concepts.

Snippets of our Solution

Beautiful landing pages, telling the learner where they are in the course.

After this screen, we take the time to explain the word Purpose, Strategy and Extraordinary to the learners. Once the learners understands the words/concepts, we relook at this screen.

More visual and less copy on screen.

Interactive pages that keeps the learners engaged – here they need to click on the numbers to reveal more information. Again limited copy on the screen.

Interactive pages that keeps the learners engaged. On this page they need to click on the numbers to reveal more information.

Teaching our learners about telephone etiquette principles.



Creating eLearning for Scania’s sales and Operational Staff.


We were asked to digitise an existing Instructor-Led Training (ILT) course into eLearning.
The content was various Scania Products and Components.

We recommend the course be broken down into micro-learning segments. This is to ensure that if a sales person need to update their knowledge on one particular Truck Part, he can do so by downloading that module only. He can quickly upskill himself (in 3 – 7 minutes) before visiting a client to make a sale.

Snippets of our Solution

Engaging landing page – Each Module has its own landing page.

Each Module has course objectives. We go up to level 5 of Blooms Taxonomy. This example is quite low on the Blooms Taxonomy scale.

Engaging graphics and crisp voice overs that can be muted. Each page has transcripts.

This particular Module had 39 different lists, we tried to keep it exciting by adding relevant pictures and interactions.

This particular Module had 39 different lists, we tried to keep it exciting by adding relevant pictures and interactions.


First National Bank: Commercial Division

Developing a course for the FNB Credit Portfolio Committee

eLearning for the FNB Commercial Property Finance Division

Knowledge to Motion created an eLearning program as part of a blended learning solution for the FNB Commercial Property Finance Division.

The program was divided into 2 courses;

Course 1: Introduction to Commercial Property Finance, which consisted of 3 modules.
Course 2: Commercial Property Finance Process, which consists of 7 modules.

Upon starting the project we found that the process of financing commercial property was long, tedious and technical in nature – not a great combination for exciting eLearning.

We wanted something that not only grabbed the attention of the learners, but also help them truly understand the process.

To make the learning more relatable we created the Ndlovu family, who started their business in a small warehouse and through the years grew their business to a six-digit business, each time they needed a new property or expansion on an existing property they would contact their Commercial Property Finance Specialist Peter Kekana who would help them with the process.

The story grabbed the leaners attention and learners could easily identify the various products Commercial Property Finance sold. The story brought the technical aspects of conducting a property deal to life and learners engaged well with the content.

Snippets of our Solution

Each course started with the FNB preferred layout for eLearning.

In the first course we explained the various Commercial Property loan types. These animations built on screen, whilst a voice over gives the necessary explanation.

In the second course Peter Ndlovu the Sales Representative and Thandi Mazibuko the Personal Banker, meets with Kate Ndlovu, the client.

Introducing Kate Ndlovu to the learners.

Introducing Tandi Mazibuko the Business Banker and Peter Kekana the CPF Sales Specialist to the Learners.

Peter Kekana and Tandi Mazibuko’s first meeting with Kate Ndlovu, where they are asking her questions regarding the property (in this case a warehouse) she wishes to purchase.

Peter Kekana, the FNB Sales Specialist’s second meeting with Kate Ndlovu, where they are asking her questions regarding the property (in this case a shopping centre) she wishes to purchase.

Peter Kekana, the FNB Sales Specialist’s third meeting with Kate Ndlovu, where they are asking her questions regarding the property (in this case a block of flats) she wishes to purchase. You will notice that both Peter and Kate are now in their mid-fifties.


Click on the video below to see the first of three videos delegates watched of the Ndlovu family. In this video, we introduce the family and it ends off with the first transaction needed.

FNB Business Collateral Course

Knowledge to Motion created an eLearning course on the topic Collateral for FNB Business.

The Collateral program consisted of 5 courses. The program is interactive to make learning easy and fun. The design was aimed to communicate the content in an easily understandable and interactive manner. As interactivity is key, this was central to the design of these modules. Clicking on certain objects and numbers reveal content. Quizzes was also inserted in the content to test learned knowledge.

Client testimonials

The eLearning system developed by Knowledge to Motion (K2M) has contributed to employee knowledge of our credit product offering in a much more substantive manner with visible ROI which ultimately improved our bottom line. K2M’s professional and collaborative approach to building this unique prototype for our business translated into a perfect, user friendly eLearning system.

- Alfred Bimha, Learning and Development , FNB Business

Knowledge to Motion is easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss thoughts, ideas, concerns and answer questions. They produce technically sound yet creative and attention-grabbing learning intervention that meets the overall business strategy and demands of the target audience. Knowledge to Motion is thorough and methodical whilst keeping each project on track. I believe when it comes to Belinda’s customer service she is the best of the best. I highly recommend Belinda as a valued business partner.

- Christine Durrandt, eLearning Project Manager, Italtile Group

We engaged the services of Knowledge to Motion Skills Development to design and implement an online Exit Strategy for our Learners who were on a graduate development and Learnership programs. Moving from a face-to-face strategy to an online strategy has saved our organisation a considerable amount of money. We have been satisfied with the quality of their courses, which was well received by our learners. Knowledge to Motion was always willing to listen to us and go the extra mile to ensure we were satisfied with the services.

- Ornica Mukhavhuli, Chief Operating Offficer, African Global Skills Acadamy

Good day Belinda
I am so proud of myself …..for finding your company. My staff enjoyed the training and learnt a lot.  Your facilitator is out of this world!
Thank you so much!

- Lebo Morare, Customer Care Manager, Renault South Africa

“Having worked with several e-learning developers over the years, it is easy to see why Belinda and the K2M team stand above the rest. Belinda is very client focused and is intent on not only meeting our expectations but exceeding them. Belinda is very people focused and connects easily to forge open, authentic relationships with her clients. The team’s work speaks for itself by delivering a high quality solution in often crazy timeframes. I look forward to our next project!”

- Beverley Palmer
Group Learning Manager, RCL Foods

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