Best practices for time management whilst working from home

In the vein of working from home during this pandemic, time management has become something that we have realized is a necessary skill. Whether we have mastered it or not, we recognize that it forms part of our daily skillset. Here are some good practices that will help you sharpen your time management ability.

Goal setting

If you are not familiar with SMART goals, enroll in our course today. This is an efficient way to tackle various types of goals. It is a tried and tested method that yields winning results. This acronym is used to help you set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based goals. Can you imagine what a difference this would make with regards to working from home? Goals will no longer be set without a timeline or be unrealistic – SMART goals can help you manage your time more successfully.


We could have a very long to-do list yet all actions on our list is not of equal importance or urgency. Prioritization helps us to divide and arrange our actions in importance and urgency. One action could be important but not as urgent as the next. This is an important tool when managing our time. We could be more effective in how we make use of our time when we prioritize our actions.


Combining winning goals and priorities gives you some more guidance on how to manage your time more effectively. Scheduling them however, results in a winning recipe. Tasks and actions need to be scheduled to help you achieve them in the time you have allocated.

This Time management course will help you transform your working days from a heap of tasks to neatly organized actions and goals.

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