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Knowledge to Motion has developed customised eLearning courses for the banking, retail, education, transport, insurance and broadcasting industries.The aim of our course content is to keep the learner engaged, focused, excited and intrigued ensuring effective eLearning.

Interactivity and relevance is the key to ensuring learner engagement. K2M makes use of several techniques to ensure that your learners are constantly learning and applying their new skills.

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Our eLearning techniques include:


This helps learners process information more effectively, e.g. whiteboard animations can show an idea through live drawings that appear as the idea develops. Video infographics are the perfect addition for communicating data, figures, graphs and stats.

Extra resources

Only so much information can be included in the learning so, extra resources are for any extra information that would be advantageous for a learner to know, but that cannot be included in learning. Good examples are job-aids, case studies, company policies etc.

Customised scenarios

Our courses encourage learners to think, explore and evaluate content through scenarios. These create effective, compelling experiences that have greater potential to be retained.

Reinforced learning

The more frequently we repeat something, the more likely it is to be retained. For this reason, to improve memory retention and ultimately change behaviour, regular content review and behaviour correction needs to happen.

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