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Welcome to the year of perfect vision – 2020! It’s the start of a new decade and the ‘perfect vision’ catchphrase has been lurking around every corner. If you haven’t been bombarded with it yet, get ready!

We assume that 20/20 vision is ‘perfect’ vision but did you know that it actually just describes normal vision? 20/20 vision describes normal visual clarity and sharpness of vision at a distance of 20 feet. This is great news for our metaphorical perfection of vision for this year and beyond.

We can perfect perfection and reach all those fresh goals and new year’s resolutions with the right strategy.

Society has drilled the need to succeed into us. Consequently, finding all sorts of tools to help us along the way are readily available. From vision boarding apps to an array of goal trackers and planners. There is no doubt that these tools can help but you need a good strategy to implement these tools.

How many of us start the year on a high but fizzle out by March? We end up deleting those wonderfully helpful apps to make more space on our phones.

The SMART goal method is a great tool to use when trying to strategize your goals. Applying this method to any goal results in a very different goal statement. Here’s an example:

Common business goal – Gain more clients.

SMART business goal – Gain 5 new clients for my business this quarter by conducting 3 or more customer meetings each week.

Have a look at the breakdown of the SMART goal acronym below, to better understand how to implement this method.

Specific: What do you want to accomplish? Who needs to be included? When do you want to do this? Why is this a goal?

Measurable: How can you measure and evaluate progress and know if you’ve successfully met your goal?

Achievable: Do you have the skills required to achieve the goal? If not, can you obtain them? What is the motivation for this goal? Does the amount of effort required equate the goal achieved?

Relevant: Why am I setting this goal now? Is it aligned with overall objectives?
Time-based: What’s the deadline of my goal and is it realistic?

Time-based: What’s the deadline of my goal and is it realistic?

Use our worksheet to help you create your SMART goals. You will find that because your goal is now realistic and measurable you won’t become side-tracked as easily. Essentially, applying a strategy is perfecting the ‘perfect vision’ for this year.

Setting goals serves as personal motivation and leads to changed behaviour. It also allows you to zone in on what you need to focus on. Remember this when you are setting your goals, as your goal setting plan then becomes a helping aid in what you deem as important.

Become your own cheerleader!

We so often forget to acknowledge our own achievements and tend to focus on negativity. So, celebrate every achieved goal, it will contribute to your personal motivation and a winning attitude.

Is time management strategies a task that you can delegate to the professionals? Why not let us do it for you.

At Knowledge to Motion, we have trained, skilled, time management experts who can design, implement and review your time management strategies, allowing you the time to focus on your priorities and increasing your employee productivity levels, without costing you any more time.

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