7 Different Learning Styles

Have you ever spent hours studying yet feel like you cannot remember anything? You might be using a study method that doesn’t match your learning style. There are 7 different types of learning styles. These 7 are the most commonly accepted styles, of course there are different opinions on this.

  • Visual learners study through observation and process information through space and direction. Information can be shared through flow charts, diagrams, pictures and videos.
  • Verbal learners enjoy discussions, debates and sharing of ideas. They learn by reciting material, like presenting in front of their peers.
  • Aural learners respond to sound and rhyme. Music forms an emotional connection to sound. This connection leads to better grasp of knowledge.
  • Physical learners learn through movement and practical learning approaches. To put it simply – these individuals want to do what they are learning.
  • Logical learners absorb through reasoning and simplification. They excel at seeking facts and like to look for solutions to problems.
  • Social learners flourish when interacting with others and bouncing concepts off group members.
  • Solitary learners like to work alone and use self- study.

You probably identified with two or more of these learning styles. It is important to consider that we don’t ONLY learn in one of these styles. Learners should never be limited to one style, as this can create an unrealistic expectation or place them in a box and result in restricted learning. There is a school of thought that theorises that we use different styles in different situations. Which leads to the conclusion that combining these styles will be beneficial. Using a variety of learning styles will help with memorising what was learned. Keep this in mind when you are creating coursework or learning it. William Cowper said that variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour.


7 different learning styles infographic:

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