Using the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to orientate all employees to get onboard with time management skills

Using the Eisenhower matrix as shown below is a fast, reliable and accurate manner to orientate all employees to get onboard with time management skills.

How To:

  1. Start by understanding each of the 4 quadrants yourself. Quadrant ONE is for tasks that ARE urgent. Urgent can be defined as immovable deadlines, increased costs or be a reputational risk. As it states, Do these tasks NOW. Eg. Fire drills. Quadrant TWO. These tasks are important, but you can schedule time to do them. Eg. Minutes of meetings. Quadrant THREE is tasks that you can delegate to someone else to do. Eg. Answering of telephones, can be delegated to reception. Quadrant FOUR is for tasks or actions to be eliminated going forward. Eg. Duplicating queries from customers.
  2. Hand out a blank template to each employee. Employee to list their tasks in order of their individual priorities. Allow for differences and different areas of focus.
  3. Schedule a team meeting. Now match your Eisenhower Matrix with theirs and discuss discrepancies. Allow for free discussion and prioritisation.
  4. Next draft an Eisenhower Matric which prioritises the needs of the department.
  5. Assign tasks from each Quadrant to individuals. This will allow for better decisions and accountability of workflow processes.
  6. Make the Eisenhower template visible to all. This allow other employees to know where to direct urgent complaints, who to contact to schedule tasks or meetings. Who is available to delegate to, and what you, your employees, your departments main goal and objectives are.
    Schedule regular time management maintenance sessions, it will allow for adjustments to the Eisenhower Matrix as well as keep employees accountable for increasing employee productivity.

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